Welcome to DogDog - Dog toys that look like your dog!

Our Story

DogDog began as a search for the perfect dog toy for our dog Archer, a black and tan Manchester Terrier. We were searching for a toy that looked like Archer, even going as far as ordering a large $200 look-a-like toy, which left us very disappointed. We were looking for a smaller, puppy-sized toy that could be a best friend for the dog and take some small chewing without disintegrating. So, we decided to design our own and begin the adventure of DogDog!

Our Mission

DogDog's mission is to create amazing dog toys!

We want to enhance the lives of dogs and their owners by providing top-notch, thoughtfully designed products. From look-alike dog toys to durable toys of your pooch’s favorite friends, DogDog has big plans for the future.