• Testimonial - Archer

    I got the black and tan Archer toy. It looks a lot like our Machester Terrier, and is one of his favorite toys.

  • Testimonial - Gary

    We have a chocolate Lab that loves squirrels! This one is quirky and fun.

  • Testimonial - Pepper

    We have a Boston Terrier, and this toy looks so similar!! Our dog treats this toys different than the rest. His best friend.

  • Details Matter

    Our dog toys are designed to look like your pup, and his/her best friends.

    These are unique designs for your special dog, and are designed for some wear and tear

  • Safety

    DogDog toys have no external plastic parts. The facial features, paw prints and logo are stitched for durability and safety

  • Feel

    The fur on our dog toys is a low-pile and easy to clean.

    The toys are fairy plump, with a marshmallow springy feel